About Kidzooka

Kidzooka Awards are India’s first ever awards that honor everything that kids love. They are aimed at kids brands from across India and push the envelope to create a better experience and environment for kids. Companies that respect children and their thought processes – ranging from video games to confectionaries to kidswear and licensing, Kidzooka looks at this industry in its entirety. The purpose of Kidzooka is to recognize children as serious and dynamic consumers. It celebrates their curiosity, their passion and their love for the best.

Why Kidzooka ?

It has been proven by various surveys that one of the kids first toys are toy guns and Bazooka guns appears as one of the hot favorites for kids across the world. In addition, we feel that a marketer or a brand aims at the need of a child and creates a product or service for them. So we came with a name that embodies the sharpness of the brand and combines it with the purity and innocence of children. Hence, Kidzooka in many ways stands for creating and aiming for the very best for children.