The Digital Kids Conclave is India’s first ever event focused on Digital Technologies and its profound impact on children. The conclave aims to build a voice for relevant information which is essential to deliver an enjoyable and educative digital experience for children upto the age of 14 years. The Conclave will feature a host of CEO’s , Jounalists and School Principals who will debate the relevance of Digital amongst kids.

Topics to be debated in the Conclave are :-

  1. The importance of Handheld devices and its user interface for kids.How can both schools and parents engage in a meaningful exercise with children on these devices? What is the current usage pattern of Digital devices amongst children in India?
  2. Can Digital provide education and entertainment at the same time? Eddy Tablet and the advent of licensed content on devices? How can content be different on a device rather than the television itself?
  3. What is the tipping point of Digital for children? Are Children sacrificing outdoor activities and sports for the digital devices?